exporttoOpenStudio htmlReport as GJ not Kwh



Hi everyone,

The Energyplus component shows “Kwh” units in htmlReport, but openStudio Component report shows in “Gj”.
I want to know is it possible to change result unit in htmlReport when using exportToOpenStudio component?


You can do it manually. Go to the project folder:
Open up the “in.idf” with a text editor and go to the bottom of the page and change the output control table style to “JtoKWH;”.


Then use the Honeybee rerun IDF component to get your updated HTML output


Scratch what I said previously, you can use an openstudio measure

You just need to download"Set output table Units to IP" from the building component library. Then follow this tutorial published by @mostapha on youtube to correct errors when loading measures.
Easy as pie!