Update component ladybug vs honeybee



I am wondering why some of the update_components work for ladybug but not for honeybee. Also in the ladybug output, it shows that it has updated honeybee also? How can I make sure? Thanks


Hi @aorukaya,

Can you be more specific about this issue. Which components work for Ladybug but not Honeybee?



@aorukaya ,
If you are getting an error about the SSL/TLS secure channel, see the solution posted to this discussion:

If this is not your error, please elaborate, as @mostapha said.


Hi @mostapha

please see below.


Can you try an alternate network? Like a mobile hotspot?


Hi @aorukaya,

There are two different components involved in the process of updating.

  1. Update Honeybee and Update Ladybug components.
  2. Update File component.

The first two component update the installation on your machine. They download the user objects from GitHub and replace your current installation with the one from GitHub. There are two separate component for updating the installation one for Ladybug and one for Honeybee.

The second component updates the file based on your local installation. It updates all the Ladybug Tools component including Ladybug, Honeybee and Butterfly.

Hope it clarifies the process.