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Topic Replies Activity
About the share category 1 November 15, 2017
Technical question re linking Vimeo tutorials to slack 4 March 22, 2020
Paper: A simulation-based model for courtyard housing design based on adaptive thermal comfort 1 March 18, 2020
Paper: Evaluation of the Visual Stimuli on Personal Thermal Comfort Perception in Real and Virtual Environments Using Machine Learning Approaches 2 March 16, 2020
Rainfall Data Component 20 February 11, 2020
A Master's Thesis: The Feasibility of Honeybee within New Zealand 7 March 1, 2020
Radiance materials Source (website) 9 February 17, 2020
I wrote a Grasshopper component to automatically create heat maps to visualize annual DGP 9 February 17, 2020
Stochastic Occupancy Schedule for Offices 2 February 4, 2020
Component: Get Object Names from Rhino 6 January 30, 2020
Build a HVAC system in Grasshopper (2) VRF + DOAS 20 January 24, 2020
Modified component SplitBuildingMass2Floors, to split complex buildings 1 January 14, 2020
Daylight study ArchiCAD-GRASSHOPPER 6 November 24, 2019
A fully customized hvac system (VAV Reheat) 22 October 31, 2019
Ladybug Online Tutorials in Korean 1 October 4, 2019
Using Honeybee THERM to Calculate Psi-Values 20 September 18, 2019
Is there any further tutorial for rending complex material such as patterns and textures in Honeybee? 4 September 2, 2019
Workflow with ArchiCAD - Finally made it. Kind of 23 September 2, 2019
Honeybee and Ladybug Tools Online Tutorial in Persian 1 August 14, 2019
Workflow with ArchiCAD - Bachelor degree done! 2 July 12, 2019
Integrated parametric design of adaptive facades for user's visual comfort 6 June 14, 2019
An advanced tutorial for daylighting simulations 7 September 20, 2018
The parametric based optimization framework daylighting and energy performance in residential buildings in hot arid zone 2 February 18, 2019
Maximum allowable error (avg illuminance) 3 February 11, 2019
A simulation-based framework for design and control a dynamic facade using Honeybee[+] 4 January 31, 2019
Drop down lists for Weather file URLs 19 January 23, 2019
Component to refine the rays output from Ladybug's "Bounce from Surface component" 17 January 17, 2019
Edit OpenStudio Model In Rhino for the Full Energy Modeling (WIP) 6 January 16, 2019
Case study: Large-scale simulation with Honeybee[+] on the cloud 4 December 18, 2018
Web tool to share information 17 November 30, 2018