1. Solution exception:global name 'HBGenerators_' is not defined

Hi guys, this is the message I get when trying to run simulations on files I’ve been developing the past 4-5 weeks. I had no problems with them previously, haven’t used them for 1 week and tried to run them again but just get this message each time. I haven’t changed the files since I last used them. Stumped. Just re-uploaded simplified files which give same error message. Can you help? Cheers, Rob

Re-uploaded files.


Your file worked for me, but just in case i updated it to the latest version. See attached.

The HB_Generators is a new input in the HB_runEnergySimulation component. Not sure why, if you were using a previous version, you are getting the error.


MOD_2_AY.gh (528 KB)

Thanks once again Abraham. Wasn’t it because I was using the previous version that I was getting the error? Or should this new input work with older versions of HB_runEnergySimulation? (I’ll make sure I always keep the ‘update’ component in any file I make).

As i said, your original file worked for me as is. I’m not surre why you get the error mesagge about the HB_Generators, which is a new input item. I checked and the HB_HB is also previous version, so don’t know why it happened.


Hi Robert,

I also got your file to work as you uploaded it but I can say that, if you use the Update_Honeybee component to update a GH file, you have to manually replace the run simulation component. If you don’t use the Update_Honeybee component or sync with our github, there is no reason why you should get that error.


Okay, thanks.