"1. The calculation has been terminated by the user!"

When I try to connect the EP simulation details to the PMV calculator, it gives me the error on the PMV calculator. But if I input manual values into the PMV there is no error.

The solutions I have found havent really helped. I am using the latest HB+LB & openstudio 2.5.0

Please share a simplified version of your file if you can.

Hi Devang,

Please find attached. Now there seems to be another problem. for annual daylight, meshes are not matching up even though they were working fine yday.

AAV FINAL_1.gh (670.6 KB)

Hi @hmurya,
I gave it a try and the file works without any errors at my end. I would suggest you do the following;

  1. Update Honeybee components
  2. Use OpenStudio component instead of energyplus
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