1. The calculation has been terminated by the user!

Hi @chris
I received this error during the microclimate map simulation. I went through it and found out the error is about the weather condition. below I attached the picture of the error and GH file. I appreciate it if you can help me with that which is the last part of my thesis.

C40R+O.gh (766.8 KB)

The legacy comfort maps had a lot of edge case bugs that would cause this failure. You should just use the thermal maps in LBT 1.4, which are much more accurate and reliable.

Thank you @chris
but I’ve already used all components that you mentioned I just changed the input and outputs connection and it gave me an error again. I am trying to see the impact of a green roof on the surface temperature in Montreal, Canada. I would be happy if u could help me with that as I did not receive any result on my model so far. below I attached the new GH file with edited ports.
C40R+O.gh (790.9 KB)