3D Chart Conditional HOY


The 3D chart component does not give the right HOY when the analysis period is used !! In the attached screenshot example, the analysis period was set for Jun and July with a conditional statement that should meet all the period. The first conditional HOY from the 3D chart is 1 and it should be starting from 3630. The sun path component gives the correct hours.

@MohammedAlshayeb, Without checking the code I think the issue is that 3D chart assumes the input data is an annual data. It’s a bug! Can you map the hours yourself until we get this fixed?

Thanks for finding this bug. It was a very quick fix so I just implemented it now:

Thanks again!
Fixed3DChart.gh (395.3 KB)

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Yes, I did. I posted to let you know about the bug :slight_smile:

Thank you @mostapha and @chris