3D printed shading device daylight analysis

Hi all,

I am trying to validate the functionality of a conceptual shading device (a 3D printed mashrabiya) in terms of its daylight performance as part of my PhD thesis.

The screen is parametricly designed using Rhino and Grasshopper, as seen in below image and interior rendering.

I just finished installing LB+HB and had been surfing many of the previous discussions and video tutorials that left my head spinning with all the great possibilities.

1- In summery, would you recommend Ladybug or DIVA to run a simple simulation of a south facing - one room geometry with and without the shading device?

2- Are there any beginners daylight performance examples you can recommend me to see and follow their logic? View analysis examples or Sun paths?

3- What tool will create the summer and winter rooms views in the example attached?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Nehal,

Examples posted on Hydrashare should help you get started. This is an example of an imaged simulation.


Thank you Sarith, the Hydrashare example were really helpful.