A potential bug in Honeybee visualize sky

Sunny without sun got higher reading than Sunny with sun
when I tried to change the legend unit like lux or any other unit when under "sunny with sun " sky condition, the pic went purple and the upper cap of legend went to a pretty big number…

bug.gh (26.2 KB)

After several tests, I realized it was the automated upper cap setting that caused the issue. Just set the upper cap manually and it works just fine.

But the image won’t change anymore

Hi @Zed ,

The FalseColor component has some ways to automatically set the upper bound of the legend based on what the units of the HDR values are. So you were getting a nonsensical image in the first example because the “Visualize Sky” component always produces HDR images where the values are broadband solar radiance (in W/sr-m2) instead of visible luminance (in cd/m2) or illuminance (in lux). So just don’t change the units to something that the HDR image isn’t in and the legend will be scaled correctly.

thank you, my hero!!