Abnormal result for indoor micro-climate map result

Dear Chris,

I feel quite confusing about my result for Indoor Micro-climate map, see as below. When I set the up limit and bottom limit for my legend, it turned out to be all blue. How can the temperature that low in July?

PS: I use the Example file and Shanghai weather data.

Note that you are not showing the real temperature but the degrees from target temperature (as you can see in the legend).
I don’t remember right now where you set the base temperature, but please don’t be confused with this,
Hope it helps.

Dear Abraham,

Thanks for your explain and extremely sorry for my delay. I am clear now!

I reviewed most of the results’ files and felt a bit confused about the target temperature. What’s the target temperature does it refer to under this circumstance? It should be our designed indoor temperature and the degree from target temperature should be the difference between the actual indoor temperature and the target temperature. Am I right?

Below is the 2 places where we can set our temperature:

Thanks for your explain!

I would look at the HB_setEPZoneThresholds component.

Those that you showed are for ventilation minimal/maximal temperatures.


Dear Abraham,

I didn’t find HB_setEPZoneThresholds component in the example file. I will drag it into canva and take a close look at how the components connect and work to see if I can figure out. Thanks for your nice help!!


I added the HB_setEPZone Thresholds component into the canvas. But I am still confused about the same result I got regarding using different cooling set points. See as below:

I have also attached the modified example file which I add ‘HB_setEPZoneThresholds’ component into ‘Apply Properties for an Energy Simulation’ part. Can anyone kindly give me a brief explain?

Very appreciate in advance!

Indoor_Microclimate_Map_Maria.gh (693 KB)