Abnormal result for indoor micro-climate map result2


I added the HB_setEPZone Thresholds component into the canvas. But I am still confused about the same result I got regarding using different cooling set points. See as below:

I have also attached the modified example file which I add ‘HB_setEPZoneThresholds’ component into ‘Apply Properties for an Energy Simulation’ part. Can anyone kindly give me a brief explain?

Very appreciate in advance!

Indoor_Microclimate_Map_Maria.gh (693 KB)

Hi Maria,

There are two important and related things to note about the file you have uploaded.

The first is that the zones have the _isConditioned input set to “False” meaning that there is no heating or cooling system and no setpoint to change. You must set this isConditioned input to "True if you want to see the setpoints change the simulation. The second is that, because your zone is not conditioned you have operative temperatures that are well above the comfort range, going from 35C to 50C.

Before jumping to the microclimate map, I would recommend checking the average air temperature, MRT, and ehating/cooling of the zone that are output from the readEPResult component to be sure that the model is behaving generally as you would expect it. This will also give you a quick check to be sure that the changes that you are making on the zone level are showing up and then you can move onto more detailed analyses with the microclimate maps.


Dear Chris,

You explanation is very comprehensive and holistic. I get a much better and clear understanding now. Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

You are very welcome, Maria!