About butterfly solution: wind speed result problem

Hi, I have connected the butterfly according to the example files ,and want to get the solution result about average wind speed in residential area. But the wind speed result on each monitoring points is far more smaller than the initial speed, the result is not in the normal range .Is the bug of butterfly to get the result of average wind speed ,or somewhere that I should to set ,so that I can get the right wind speed result ? Thank you !QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720191018163143

hi @kaikai

Please upload your definition, it will be easier for us to help.

Also please upload a profile picture when you can.


所有建筑单体朝向统一1021(通风结果).gh (47.1 KB) 已复原的模型 -20191016 (66908) RhinoAutosave.3dm (44.4 KB)

This is my definition ,thank you for your help!