About "honeybee_DefaultScheduleLib"

Hey, guys

sorry, it’s me again… Orz

I’m learning “Outdoor_Microclimate_Map” and “Indoor_Microclimate_Map” right now and for indoor map every type runs quite well.

But when I tried small highrises on “Outdoor_Microclimate_Map”, the EP component shows error:

  1. Solution exception:honeybee_DefaultScheduleLib

And I didn’t find the answer on google… So I upload my gh files here… Thank u for helping me …

PS: the model was like that

Again, Thank u for help…



Highrises Groups on Outdoor Microclimate Map.gh (708 KB)


Your file was mixing old and new components.

Updating the components fixed the issue. The E+RunSimulation has to be reinserted. See attached.


HighrisesGroupsonOutdoorMicroclimateMap_AY.gh (720 KB)

Hi Abraham Yezioro,

I did use update component before I installed the Jan. Version. But I found that everytime when I tried to run the example file first then I can use every component well. But when I tired to created my file first it showed this error.
I’ve also tried reinstalled it. Is it because some old components in the example file runs something?


Usually the updater works fine and no need to do anything.

Some components, over developing time, changed input/output names and/or input/output items. For such few cases there is a need to reinsert them.