ACH2m3/s-m2 Calculator - Division by 0

Hello everybody,

I don’t really have a bug here, this is more something coders may improve in HoneyBee.
I have a minor issue with the component ACH2m3/s-m2 Calculator. The component send me this red warning : “1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero.” when I use it for converting m3/s-outdoorSurface(m2) to m3/s-floor(m2)

This is due to a null outdoor surface in some zones
Because I generate my zones with the HoneyBee splitZoneToThermalZone component, I do have a zone at each floor that has no outdoor surface. So I have to separate my zones to avoid that issue.

So I separate them with SeparateBaseOnOrientation, and reseparate the middle zones based on floor to catch the upper one and then set infiltration with two component and finally merge them. But this is so messy and annoying :sleeping: :smile:

So would it be possible to do something to fix that in the ACH2m3/s-m2 Calculator component, so it just give a zero infiltration rate for zones who have a null outdoor surface ?

My really outstanding zoning

The current solution I’ve found, which is very messy …

Thank you for all the work you’re doing !!

@EmmanuelR ,

Good catch! That’s a pretty compex workaround that you should not have to deal with. I just added a check here:

… so you should not have to use this workaround again.

Thanks for finding and reporting the issue.



it occurs when the zone surfaces are not identified properly, as this component works with floor area you have to be sure honeybee knows zones’ floors as “Floor” rather than Ceiling (you can check through label zone surfaces component) … if you are using hbsurfaces to create hbzone make sure the floor surfaces’ normal are upside

Ok, that’s a good thing to keep in mind. I’ll try when my simulations will be over. Thank you @AMIRTABADKANI