Activated layer of constrution

I have a question. Can the new version of Laybug Tools add activated layer (such as flowing air layer and pipe-embedded layer to the construction? I know Trnsys has this function. And It is quite a problem to simulate the room with such dynamic envelope.

Hi @Tian ,

The two cases you cite here would require different modeling approaches in EnergyPlus. If you’re modeling an air cavity in a façade and you really need to understand the temperature and conditions within this cavity, you can model it as a separate Room instead of using a simple R-value for the layer as you might do if you were only concerned about the layer’s thermal resistance. You can put ventilation controls on this cavity Room if it is ventilated to the outdoors or put setpoints and a HVAC system in it if it’s heated or cooled.

For a pipe embedded in the construction (assuming this pipe is carrying heated or chilled water), OpenStudio has an object called ConstructionWithInternalSource that is meant to model things like radiant slabs. This is what we use under the hood of the Radiant HVAC templates that are built into Honeybee.

Thankyou so much for reply