Acute Mesh Face Angles Issue

Hi Mostapha,

I just picked up Ladybug again for potential implementation in a workshop we’re hosting in a few weeks. I’m very impressed by both the quantity and the quality of all the new features (Honeybee!!). Excellent work, once again :wink:

Now onto my issue. I’m running solar radiation analysis on meshes generated using Kangaroo. It seems that if a mesh face has quite acute angles it does not seem to “pick up” any radiation:

In the image an excerpt of the same form found mesh is being analysed using the radiationAnalysis component. Mesh A is the original mesh displaying the issue. In Mesh B I have manually moved the offending vertices, thus resolving the issue.

I haven’t looked through the Python code yet, hoping that you maybe would know what the issue is straight off the bat :smiley:

I have attached the Rhino file, GH definition and the EPW file I’m using.



140611_LadyBug_Radiation_AcuteMeshFacesProblem.3dm (88.5 KB) (62.4 KB)
DEU_Hamburg.101470_IWEC.epw (1.48 MB)

A quick workaround is to triangulate the mesh. However this also (obviously) doubles the amount of analysis points. /A

Hi Anders,

In cases like this the test point ends up being behind the test surface after generating the test mesh. If you slightly increase distance from base surface it will resolve the problem.

Brilliant, thanks Mostapha. I had totally forgotten about that input parameter. Works great :slight_smile: