Adaptive Comfort _ 1. Solution exception:Could not find file

Running an adaptive comfort simulation, I get the following error:

  1. Solution exception:Could not find file
    I am using a file for a class and it works for the other students.
    I will appreciate any help.
    thank you

@dima is a student of mine. The AD starts to run and it does for a while. Then it stops and the error complains about a missing file.
The code works for all other students (and myself). She tried to save at a determined location and on the default one but no help. The default and determined path doesn’t have any white spaces and/or any non-ascii character.
If any of you have ideas why it is happening or what to check, it will e great.

Just to clarify, is the the “Adaptive Comfort Map” recipe in the LBT 1.2 plugin?

If so, the missing file complaint is just the general message that you get when something in the recipe fails. To find the real error, you must dig through the logs by either using the report_out_ option on the “HB Recipe Settings” or by checking the file that’s probably in:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\simulation\[MODEL NAME]\adaptive_comfort_map\__logs__\logs.log

If you are able to upload that log file, we can probably get to the bottom of what the error is and try to fix it.