Adaptive Comfort for Children

Hi Everybody,
Currently, I am initiating a project involves measuring adaptive comfort for elementary school children age between 7 to 10. Will it still be relevant to use adaptive comfort calculator within ladybug for my project?


@atthaillahb ,
Your question seems a bit confusing: by “measuring adaptive comfort”, do you mean that you are surveying the thermal comfort of children? In that case, shouldn’t you be telling us how well the adaptive model describes their comfort?

If you just mean that you are estimating adaptive comfort from temperature, the adaptive model was built using a large sample size that included a diversity of ages for the subjects, including children. So the results from children in the sample size didn’t differ enough from the rest of the population to throw off the really good, 0.9 correlation between occupant’s desired outdoor temperature. In other words, if age is a factor, it’s with the 10% of variation that could not be explained by adapting to outdoor temperature.

@chris you have answered my question in your second paragraph. I am new to thermal comfort and trying to get my head around. May be lacking of my basic knowledge on thermal comfort making me asking this.

Thanks you so much for such a quick response.