Adaptive comfort in Ironbug model

Dear Ladybug community,

I use Ironbug to define the HVAC system (PTAC, Floor heating system, …) and I would like to map the adaptive comfort. I am interested in showing that radiant systems will increase indoor thermal comfort.

  1. I am surprised that to run the Adaptive Comfort Map component, I don’t have the option to connect the component to the model with HVAC (yellow group).

    Is there a way to do so?

  2. I have noticed that when you hover over the component adaptive comfort, it says that it will calculate the PMV (Is that a small error in the text description?):

Thank you!

Scenarios_adaptive (122.2 KB)

If I am not mistaken; due to IronBug modeling HVAC systems that are not ‘out of the box’ capable to be modeled with HB: therefore even with the current ‘OSM to HB_Model’ translation, HVAC is not encompassed in that as the HB schema itself does not contain the objects that would be needed to facilitate it:

@TrevorFedyna is correct. There’s currently no way to integrate the ironbug HVAC into the comfort mapping recipes yet. I think we should be able to do it eventually. In the meantime, I have on my agenda to add radiant HVAC templates to honeybee schema soon. They will be similar to the other HVAC templates in that a limited number of customizations will be exposed. Will this be sufficient for your case, @mkdg , or will you need certain extra ironbug customizations?


Hi @chris !
Yes that would work very well in my case since I would like to visualize the improvement of indoor comfort for wall heating and floor heating.

Also regarding possibilities:

  • The Adaptive comfort model is only intended for use in naturally ventilated unconditioned buildings.
    If I would like to evaluate the indoor thermal comfort of a building which is conditioned and have different scenarios with natural ventilation and with mechanical ventilation (with heat recovery for example), would the PVM model be adapted for all these scenarios?

Thank you!

Ok. I’m aiming to get the radiant templates added for the next stable release in a few months so just hang tight.

I know that a lot of people still use the adaptive comfort model for mixed-mode/hybrid buildings that have both conditioning and operable windows. The LB Adaptive Comfort Parameters component has an input for _conditioning_, which can be used to adjust the correlation between outdoor/indoor air to reflect what happens in a conditioned building. So you can use that if you don’t want to switch to the PMV model.

The R^2 of the indoor/outdoor correlation used to describe adaptive comfort in conditioned buildings isn’t nearly as strong as that used to describe it in naturally ventilation buildings. So the use of this adjusted adaptive model for conditioned buildings is not recognized as a part of the ASHARE-55 comfort standard. Still, there’s some research to support it and it’s sometimes better than having to use PMV.


Hi @chris,
I was wondering if this workflow (connecting IronBug model to thermal comfort map) is possible now.
I tried connecting the “in.osm” file saved by “HB Run OSM component” via file path to the “HB Load gbXML OSM IDF”, but encountered this error: