Adaptive Comfort Target Temperature unaffected by Wind Speed?

Why is it the case that changing the windSpeed_ input of the Adaptive Comfort Calculator isn’t resulting in different targetTemperatures? (380.3 KB)

Hard to say but i would try with higher velocities. 0.5 is a relatively low wind speed.

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro, but higher velocities don’t seem to make a difference.
It does have a noticeable effect on PMV calculations though: (398.4 KB)

Could you please do me a favor and see if you get the same results? I’m wondering if it is a version issue or something.

On the other hand, the way I understood Adaptive Thermal Comfort was that it is solely based on outdoor temperature and doesn’t take wind speed as an input. Maybe @chris can comment on this?

The results are the same in the most updated version.
You can check the code in the LB_LB component to see how the outputs of this component are calculated.
Look for the routine comfAdaptiveComfortASH55 (for instance) and there check the vel (wind velocity variable), coolingEffect (influence of the wind velocity), tComf (which is the targetTemperature output of the LB_AdaptiveComfortCalculator component). Yu can see for the latter that the wind is not used for the calculation. This targetTemperature is the average of the lower and upper temperatures (the other 2 outputs there).
In summary, this component is a roughly approximation of comfort temperatures, where you have a range (min/max and average) of them.


Interesting, I wonder why the wind speed input exists then. I’ve noticed that the CBE Comfort webtool allows to set air speeds which does have an effect on the comfort temperatures, but it looks like this isn’t implemented in LB.