Add a "total building energy consumption" output for the "energy balance" component?

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

The new energy balance component is great for understanding the various sources of heat gains and losses!

I wonder if we can add an additional output “total building energy consumption” for this component because it took me a while and several components to make this happen (see part of the workflow in the GH file attached.)

So, I made a copy of your energy balance code and added a few new lines using your original code as a template. Now we can output and plot this variable using bar chart.

Pls see if this is useful and necessary. (741 KB)

This looks amazing! I’ve been out of it for some time now, where to I find this component? I updated to the last version, so is it just on github?

I can still use it from your attached file I guess! Thanks for that!

Kind regards,


Hi Theodore, you may need to update your LB+HB library to use this new Energy Balance component. An example file is put on Hydra, a new portal to share GH workflow:…

the Energy Balance component should be in the 09 | Energy | Energy tab of Honeybee