Add a type check to HB Apply ModifierSet

Hi @chris,

Something that recently tripped up me and @rahulgrover18 was inputting a model into the HB Apply ModifierSet component and the radiance modifiers not being applied. Appreciate this is fully our mistake, however no error gets raised when an incorrect input is given to _rooms.

Would it be possible to add a type check to the _rooms input so that if anyone makes the same mistake the component raises a warning or error?

It would also be useful to be able to apply a modifier set to a model without breaking it down into it’s constituent parts - a wish list request from us :slight_smile:



Thanks, @charlie.brooker ,

That’s very do-able. I think people have gotten used to being able to plug in models for many of the components that accept Rooms. Let me see if I can implement this later today.

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FYI, @charlie.brooker ,

I changed several of the HB-Radiance and HB-Energy components to support Model inputs and they will assign properties to all Rooms of the Model:

I also made sure that any type of input that is not supported will raise an error.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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