Add data for all zones from read EP result component


I have more than 100 zones in my building, for which I had run the energy simulation. Now, I want to plot a bar chart for monthly total loads (eg: solar gains+ people gains + equipment gains etc.) for the entire building (for all zones together). However, the resulting bar chart shows data corresponding to all the zones, making the file very heavy and eventually resulting in crashing.

  1. Is there some component that can club selected zones together under a category (not bang, as it is very time taking requiring to select required zones from a huge list).
  2. How can I add data for all zones from the read EP result component and input just month-wise total value to bar chart component (Don’t suggest bang- connecting wires to all zones is a very long task)

Give the AnnualLoads component a chance. This is the easiest and fastest.
Or, you can try something like this:


Hi Abraham. Thank you for your quick response.
I am very new to Honey Bee. Can you please share where can I find the annual loads component? I am using version 0.0.64. I cannot find the same.

Also, in the image shared by you, the first component (in the version I am using) corresponds to Normalize data by Floor area. I do not wish to normalise the data.
May I request you to please share the component name for the version I am using?

You are using the Legacy version of LB.
It’s been a while i used that version and i recommend you, since you are new, to start with the latest development instead of sticking with the previous one.
For what i sent you need the new LBT.

You don’t have. You can connect the results output instead.

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