addHBGlz not working as expected

I am trying to add internal windows to the core zone of a building with core and perimeter zones. I am passing this core zone through addHBGlz and supplying the names of all it’s walls into the input childSurfacesName_.

The outcome that I would expect is that glazing should be added to each wall whose name I have specified in the input childSurfacesName_. Instead however I receive a null output.

Is this a bug? What should I be expecting? Chris or Mostapha if this is a bug then let me fix it myself ; ).

Hi Anton,

Maybe i’m missing something from your image, but there is nothing connected to the _childSurfaces. Just giving the name is not enough to produce the (internal) windows.

Just wonder …


Hi Abraham

Shouldn’t you be able to give either the names or the surfaces? That would make more sense to me. I’m going to modify the component so that you can give either.

Hi Anton,

I didn’t tried much the internal windows, but if they work as the external (and i don’t see why they not), you need to give the host surface and the child surface. In this case the host should be the same walls taht you want to be windows and that can’t be. Also the size of the child window should not be the same as the host (E+ constrain).

That’s why i think that giving just the name is not good enough.

Though, now that you mention this, a nice trick can be to give the name, the duplicate is and scale it by some amount (less than 0.95) making the whole process transparent for the user. But as long as i write this, sounds a bit complicated (and confusing).

Makes sense for you?


As i was thinking the name should say it itself, childSurfacesName is an optional input for naming the new child surfaces. It has nothing to do with the parent surfaces or creating a window.