Adding multiple windows yields strange results


I wanted to create a test shoebox model, when adding apretures to a zone i get no errors whatsoever. But when i visualize the model, it looks like the windows are not correctly added (or rather subtracted) from a wall. What i mean is that by “Visualize all” i can see both window and wall geometry intersecting one another.

I was wondering - are the openings added correctly at this stage and it is just a visualization (display) matter or the model is not assambled correctly at this point?

Thank you for your time and help

I tried rotating the model (that is done BEFORE room assembly - just rotating a box brep) and the problem occurs in different places depending on rotatian. I also checked the resulting exterior walls area and apretures area and the values seem correct despite the strange display behavior.

Should I be worried about correctness of the model at this point?