Additional RAD Parameters: Sampling (-c)


Dear community, dear sir Roudsari, sir Mackey and sir Devang,

I saw this Link about a simulation comparison example of the RAD Parameters between the -ab/ -ad/ and -c Par.

But I noticed that the -c (sampling) parameters, is not visible and/or modifiable into the HB RADParameters component

is there a way to change the value?

Thanks and Best Regards from Munich


Hi @gaetano.christian.ruvio, that comparison is only valid for Honeybee[+], which runs rcontrib and rfluxmtx. The sampling option is not present in conventional Radiance tools like rpict and rcontrib because they employ ambient caching algorithms instead of relying on pure Monte Carlo raytracing. For a comparison of rad parameters for conventional Radiance, you can refer the tool created by @MingboPeng :


many thanks for the info sir @sarith !!!