addLayersControls - define firstLayerThickness instead of last finalLayerThickness

Hi everyone,

In my SnappyHexMeshDict, I want to define the first layer (or the total layer thickness + ), instead of the final one (define the last one is rather odd for CFD, as the first one is the one for calculating y+). I define my firstLayerThickness through additional_par_ and eliminate the finalLayerThickness in the snappy_hex_mesh_dict component. However, the finalLayerThickness always remains in the generated SnappyHexMeshDict file with a default value of 0.7, which obviously causes a conflict defining the boundary layer (as only 2 variables are needed to fully resolve the boundary layer, and the expansion ration is the other one I want to define). How can I get rid of this default value? I tried both not inputting anything and deleting the input of the component but no success.


@TheodorosGalanos should be able to help

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Any suggestions? Thanks