Adiabatic Issue - Energy Simulation

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue as to defining certain surfaces to adiabatic.
I´ve created my zones with Mass2Zone and now I need to select specific surfaces from these zones to be adiabatic.
The path I chose to do this is through the makeAdiabatic component, but I´m not entirely sure how to feed the component´s output back into my zone properties.

I know that in OpenStudio model, you can open a zone, select the desire surface and though the object info window you can select the bounday condition you desire. I was wondering how to that in a similar way through honeybee.


Please use Honeybee_CreateHBSurface component to create surfaces of your zone. There, you have an option to make a surface adiabatic.

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Thank you for the reply, Devang.

I’ve downloaded a file ( where you construct a zone by inputting each surface geometry from Rhino into a Honeybee_CreateHBSurface, to only them build a zone. I think I get the idea.
Unfortunately, for simulations with multiple zones, it creates an extensive labor, since you have to build zones individually, instead of creating zones from masses, which is more efficient.

I was wondering if there’s a smart/effective way – like decomposing the surfaces from a zone, and then converting the ones you need into adiabatic – to achieve the same result.
I’m attaching a screenshot from an Energy+ model done in OpenStudio, to clarify what I need to achieve.

Thanks, once again!

(there’s a shading volume, between all these zones, in case you’re wondering why there not all connected)


Nevermind my question. I`ve figured it out with the Honeybee_SolveAdjacencies component.

Thank you!