Air wall issues - question

Hi all,

attached you will find two *.gh-files with the same building volume for heating demand simulation. One (* is divided in 11 zones, one (* where the zones correspond to the three levels.

Heating demand results between these two models vary. Is it possible that it has to do with the “air between adjacent zones will be automatically mixed”-defaults?

And, furthermore, how is it possible that the central zone doesn’t get any (!) SHG? And why is the heating demand so high? (*

Looking forward for your suggestions and reflections.

If you need additional files (e.g. schedules) let me know. I think for having a look on the results to compare probably they won’t be necessary. Defaults might be enough.

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missing attachments

userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)

Hi Daniel

Could you post the SCHGROWINGPERIOD.csv? Its not finding this schedule when I run it



here we go…



Seems like I am missing the activity and occupancy and growing period as well

Could you attach these?

you can use SCHGROWINGPERIOD.csv for all. It’s the difference between the results I’m interested in…