AirDetails - Fan Placement error

I’m posting this error/solution so others can find the cause in case they run into it. It’s pretty obscure.

When I change the fan placement from “Draw Through” to “Blow Through” within the AirDetail component while using HVAC systems 5 and 7 E+ fails and I get the following error:

  1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
    ** Severe ** HVACControllers: Missing temperature setpoint for controller type=Controller:WaterCoil Name=“CONTROLLER WATER COIL 1”

All other HVAC systems types are fine. Should a warning message be displayed if the user inputs this setting combination?

@LelandCurtis Can you post some screenshot about your Grasshooper file and the error?

See attached
ladybug fan placement issue1

hydrashare example file - Full_Building_Energy_Simulation - HVAC 7 Fan placement (762.6 KB)

The error only shows up on HVAC systems 5 and 7. I suspect this is becuase the HVAC system is incompatible with the fan placment setting. But, the github post below hit this error when fans were removed and a new fan added. Perhaps that is what is occurring when we change the fan setting.

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