Airflowvolume can't be output

Hi there, I used to use the 2020 version of Honeybee to calculate airflowvolume,which can be output directly.

But now in version 1.6.0, all result components cannot output airflowvolume data. Is there any way to solve it?
I have thought of several methods:
1.I found a battery “HB Read Custom Result” that seems to have the flexibility to choose what needs to be output. But I can’t output anything after entering “airflowvolume”. I changed other keywords and I also can’t output them.So if this is a solution, what should I input?

2.AirFlowVolume seems to be recalculated by some basic data calculated by OpenStudio, so what is the original AirFlowVolume calculation formula? In this way I can convert it by myself.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @maoyimo ,

This is a good question. I have not ported over that E+ output from Legacy because it was a something that I kinda hacked together by summing some of the other E+ outputs together. But it’s by no means a comprehensive way to get all of the airflow cases that E+ can model. I guess I would ask if there’s a specific type of air flow that you are trying to get (eg. is it infiltration air flow or air flow through an ideal air system or other mechanical system)? Or is it the flow through a particular part of an airflow network?

If you could describe that, I can probably point you to the right E+ output to request it and load it into Grasshopper using the new LBT 1.6 components.

FYI, here is a simple sample model that shows how to request the mechanical ventilation volume form the simulation: (60.9 KB)

Hi chris,
What I need is the total volume of air flowing into the room through both the window and infiltration(m³/s).
As I understand,it should involve both natural ventilation and infiltration. And I need hourly data within the schedule.
Because I set a battery to simulate natural ventilation, as you can see below.(Is this setup correct?)

Could you point me the right E+ output to request it and load it into GH using the 1.6.0 version?
Thanks a lot!

Hi chris,

I tried to input “zone mechanical ventilation standard density volume flow rate”, and I can get mechanical ventilation volume as you got.

But what I need is natural ventilation and infiltration. So I tried to find the corresponding names for natural ventilation and infiltration in the EnergyPlus input output document .In my opinion, it should be this

(But I’m not sure.)

Thus my question is:

1.Should natural ventilation and infiltration correspond to one of these two phrases?

2.Why can’t I output data after these two phrases are entered?

The simulation parameters are set up like this

The room is set up with natural ventilation, which is set up like this

My calculation file was uploaded together, please help me see what the problem is? Thanks a lot!!!
school.3dm (112.2 KB) (236.6 KB)

Hi @maoyimo,

In that case, as long as you are not using an Airflow Network, you should be able to get the volume flow rate of window-based natural ventilation with the following E+ output (which is exactly the one that you posted):

Zone Ventilation Standard Density Volume Flow Rate

And you can get the infiltration flow rate with the following E+ output:

Zone Infiltration Standard Density Volume Flow Rate

I don’t have any issues requesting these two outputs from the simulation: (60.9 KB)