Am I Misusing the LB Radiation analysis tool?

Hi Everyone.

I am trying to use the Ladybug Radiation Analysis tool in to visualize the shading patterns created by a series of parametric shading devices.

However when i input the surfaces i want to analyse the shading on the output is always the same uniform values. I have tried imputing various context geometries, Analysis periods and grid sizes and also rebuilt and flipped the direction of the surface being referenced into grasshopper; always with the same result, shown below.

I Don’t think there is a problem with my definition as when i plug the shading devices themselves into the geometry input the definition works fine.

Am i trying to make this tool do something it isn’t designed for, or have i made some other mistake? Below is my definition, any help would be greatly appreiated.


Have you tried selecting the brep you want to analyse and flipping it using the ‘flip’ tool? Rhino surfaces will have an assigned directions (think it’s upwards if points are defined clockwise and downwards if points are defined in an anti-clockwise manner). Anywho, let us know if that worked.

That did the trick!

Thanks so much