An error in honeybee recolor mesh


What is the reason of this error?

length of the results [=1] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=800].

what should i do?

please help me

Thanks (505 KB)

Hi Tim,

I’d like to show you the error with an easy example. A simple mesh box with only six faces.

The lenght of the analysis results list equals the number of mesh faces. Check your values list.



Antonello’s comment is true. But Tim’s case is different. He is connecting the HB_readRADResults instead of the HB_readAnnualResultsI output.

The first one is not outputting any value. That’s why the error Tim is having.


Hi Abraham

I got this problem several times, at first it runs correctly but once i change the parameters the error appears, i flatten the mesh but there is no sense!


Test Annual (672 KB)


See attached.

Your basic error is that you are connecting the NorthSign output to the north input of the AnnualRecipe instead of the real value of the north direction. The first gives you a geometry, which is not usable for further calculations.

Also fixed the direction of the floor since it’s normal is pointing outwards causing the test mesh to be outside of the building.

-A. (551 KB)

Thanks for your attention Abraham :slight_smile:

Now i work on your attachment; this time there is no error for recolor mesh, but the annual results are the same for different glzRatio.

i wonder that i can just get result for first simulation after that by changing parameters nothing happens!

I found the reason… it is because of the North. i removed the North input and rotated the geometry manually, now it simulates without any problem. but still don’t know why the North input can cause such a problem!

Yes. I was also checking this point.

I think there is a bug happening between the Recipe and the runDaylightAnalysis components.

In the image you can see that the grid from the genTestPts is ok (inside the model) but the grid after the simulation is rotated outside the model.


yeah exactly it happens.

Thanks for your explanation.

This is expected for annual analysis and is not a bug. Since there is no easy way to rotate the sky for annual analysis in Daysim, Honeybee rotates bothe the sky and the test points before running the analysis. If you use importRad component and read back the geometry from the component you’ll see that the geometry is also rotated.

Ok … but …

I believe there is something new that i need to learn. getting the rad file/materials imported, where they are supposed to be connected in order to simulate the annual analysis?

I’ll post more comments on the github …



In the meantime i’m taking advantage of the new transformation components to get over this issue.

Please take a look and tell me what you think. makes sense?


-A. (553 KB)

I got the same error when running the Honeybee_Annual_Daylight_Simulation_Example although I did not change any thing in the example file.

However when I change the grid size to 7 … I will get some results which is not correct …

Thanks and appreciate you help (506 KB)

Please update to the latest version (both of you). I see that you are using different versions between the components.

The LB_reColorMesh happened to be changed lately


Thanks Abraham

I use the attached file … however I got the same error … (460 KB)

The filed you attached now is V E R Y old. I updated now and is working fine for me.

-A. (496 KB)

Thanks Abraham


I recently updated my grasshopper & honey bee

but again i have the problem with recolor mesh component

I don’t know what is the problem

please help me

Hi Tim,

Without having the file is difficult to say, but i’m betting that you need to reinsert the component. It has changes lately, so i believe this is the problem.


check whether you installed DAYSIM 4 or not

you will get such error if Daysim was not installed