Annual analysis issues

Hi everyone

I’m trying to perform my first annual analysis, and i’m facing some issues.

  1. When i run “Annual daylight simulation” i can see on the folder that all values (at list i think) are in generated files, but they are not readed by “Read annual results I”

  1. In the annual radiation analysis i obtain this error in “Analysis grid” component:
  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import honeybee:
    No module named honeybee.radiance.analysisgrid

  1. How do i run annual illumnance analysis?

I have tryed the same procedure used for the hourly one, but changing the sky with “generate cumulative sky”. unfortunatly obtaining no result.

this is the file i’m working on: (883.2 KB)


Hi @kdm.nivek,

  1. You should set the runIt input to True.
  2. Why are you using Honeybee[+] components with Honeybee?
  3. Read the output from readMe!


I use false start boolean toggles to don’t create mess at file opening, that’s why in pics some are set to false.

I honestly don’t know the difference between normal and plus, are them not compatible?

From “read me!” i obtain:

  1. Annual climate-based analysis
  2. The component is checking ad, as, ar and aa values. This is just to make sure that the results are accurate enough.
  3. -ad is set to 1000.
  4. -ar is set to 300.
  5. -aa is set to 0.1
  6. Good to go!
  7. Current working directory is set to: c:\ladybug\15APR1300Denmark20\annualSimulation\

As i sed, in files i can see radiation values for entire year, furthermore “readDSHourlyResults” and “readAllTheDSHourlyResults” components are running correctly.

Hi @kdm.nivek,
Your geometries were not internalised in GH file.
and it’s not possible to use HB+ recipes for Honeybee simulation, they’re separate from each other.
However, see the example files:
Honeybee Daylight Example files