Annual daylight Analysis: Get mean value

I am new to HB & Rhino.

I am trying to do daylight analysis and mostly following this file shared.

The only thing I want do differently is I would like to get mean value of daylight. In Read_Annual_Result 1& 2, there are many options but none for getting mean value. Is there a way to get mean?

I think default average component should work.

I tried that. However the output is .ill files not numbers.

I found this but its for ladybug.

I don not understand your question?? can you please be more specific

Sorry for being ambiguous. Since my English is work in progress, I made model in Honeybee+ where this is very straightforward.

I just need to do this using legacy because it’s slow in +. Its the right side of model after simulation I can’t figure out how to do in legacy.