Annual daylight simulation with dynamic shading in different rooms

Hello all,
is it possible to perform an annual daylight simulation with dynamic shading in different rooms/zones in Honeybee? I need to generate one shading profile for each room. The rooms have different orientations. If it is possible which is the workflow?
Do I use one dynamicShadingGroup for each room? I ask this because Advanced Dynamic Shading Recipe is the only component with a name input (SHDGroupName). If it is correct then since the DSParameters component presents only two inputs dynamicSHDGroup (_1 and_2) it means all the dynamicShadingGroup need to be connected with one of the two? I am not sure about this because I understood from some posts that the two input dynamicSHDGroup are for shadings on different windows of the same room. I did some tests but so far none is working.
Thank you in advance.

If you want to use honeybee-legacy you have to do one window at a time and post-process the results. With Honeybee[+] you can do it in one go. There are already sample files that show the process.

Hello Mostapha, thank you for the reply. About the Honeybee[+] sample file you mean the 09_three_phase_II_gridbased? I will give a look.
In the meantime I have found a way with honeybee-legacy that might be trivial but works. I also ask what you think. I simply built one workflow for one room (it is not necessary to simulate one window at a time) based on one annual daylight simulation at the end of which I obtain one shading profile and one lighting control profile. Then I multiplied the workflow for all the ten rooms changing parameters when necessary (e.g. different power density for electric lighting). Connecting only one boolean toggle to all the ten Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation components, the ten simulations are run one after the other and at the end I get ten shading profiles and ten lighting control profiles. The profiles are used for heating and cooling load simulations. Now this has to be tested integrated in the multi-objective optimization workflow where rooms change shape, size and function.
So my question is: are there some known drawbacks in using multiple daylight simulations in the same workflow and all triggered by the same toggle?

Hello @mostapha
I had the opportunity to study a bit Honeybee[+]. It has very interesting potentialities, thank you for the work you are doing.
I have one major question: do I understand correctly that is not possible to simulate dynamic exterior shading (roller shade with two state open/closed) because there is not the possibility to use the Four-Phase Method? I checked the sample files coming with 0.0.05 version and there is no external shading used in any.