Annual Loads patch missing adjacencies v1.4.1


I was updating some components but when I try to run Annual loads I get the error

"Runtime error (TypeErrorException): model_to_idf() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘patch_missing_adjacencies’

line 275, in script"

Looking at line 275:
# create the strings for simulation paramters and model

  • ver_str = energyplus_idf_version() if energy_folders.energyplus_version *
  •    is not None else energyplus_idf_version(compatibe_ep_version)*
  • sim_par_str = sim_par.to_idf()*
  • model_str =*
  •    _model, schedule_directory=sch_directory, patch_missing_adjacencies=True)*
  • idf_str = ‘\n\n’.join([ver_str, sim_par_str, model_str])*

Im still learning how to read code but is this suggesting that I have two zones that are not adjacent?

Any suggestions? (80.6 KB)

Further more the older version runs?

You are using a new (latest development) version of the Annual Loads component but you have not updated your core installation of Ladybug Tools.

You can run the LB Sync Grasshopper File component in order to make sure that the components on your canvas are synchronized with whatever version of Ladybug Tools you have installed.

Thank you! Ill try remember to do this every time I update it.

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