Apply analysis period error

Hello, when i increase timestep i get this error message

  Error: Runtime error (AssertionException): analysis_period timestep must match that on theCollection header. 2 != 1

  line 493, in _check_analysis_period, "C:\Users\user\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\ladybug\"
  line 728, in filter_by_analysis_period, "C:\Users\user\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\ladybug\"
  line 46, in script

Hi @seghier ,

I think the message is pretty clear and that it’s happening because you plugged in a 2 for the _timestep_ input of the Analysis Period component.

Still, I realize that (if you want to work at a timestep of 2) it’s not obvious how you can take a hourly data collection at a timestep of 1 and convert it to have a timestep of 2 (essentially making it a half-hourly data collection). I recommend using the LB Convert to Timestep component to interpolate in between the hourly values of the data collection at a timestep of 1 to produce a data collection at a timestep of 2. Then, the data collection will have a timestep that’s aligned with the Analysis Period that you have there.

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Thank you @chris , this work fine