Applying a new construction set to rooms

Dear Ladybug community,

I would like to assign a new construction set to my rooms. However when I do so, my model does not display the correct roof areas anymore (One basement room seems to have a roof area now). I am not sure what can go wrong since I do not modify my geometry…

The new construction set is a custom one and I apply it to the different rooms individually because rooms have different programs.

Any idea what would cause this?
Thank you for your support! (887.4 KB)

Just to give you a bit more details on the way I build my energy model. I used the workflow that was given as a sample with the installation files (“full energy model”):

step 1) the different rooms are closed Breps, they are merged together and then “processed” via the two components “IntersectMassII” and “HB intersect solids”.

step 2) I individually retrieve the resulting breps and create rooms with the component “HB room from solid” (+ assign a construction set and a program).

step 3) I combine all the rooms and I use "solve adjencies"

step 4) I retrieve the different rooms and assign windows

step 5) I create the energy model

Is there a smarter way to proceed, to avoid such problem as mentioned above? Should step 1 take place at a later stage?
Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @mkdg,

I Opened your document but every thing looks fine to me.

The grasshopper script looks OK.
Perhaps the document units?

I’ve changed the document units and also flattened the output of my construction set and now it works :slight_smile: thank you!

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