Applying WindowProperty:FrameAndDivider In Honeybee, but without

Hello! Using legacy at the moment for this, the desire is to add:
values, ! Comments

Input Output Reference, section 1.10.59 WindowProperty:FrameAndDivider.

to windows in a model, I’m semi-unclear on this part: Would this property be applied to FenestrationSurface:Detailed, or append the prop to a construction creating a unique construction?

I suppose this may be more so an Unmet Hours question; but thought that asking here would be a little more relevant.

Understanding that import window.idf report is likely the correct MO: Wanting to find a way to circumvent that if possible; and get some tooling going for semi-simplified additional fenestration properties for earlier phase BEM for comparing design options.

Cheers and thanks for anyone’s time.

@TrevorFedyna ,

This is actually supported in Legacy but only through the “Honeybee_Import WINDOW IDF Report” component. So, if you have a frame object within an IDF that you are importing, it will get imported along with the window construction and assigned to any windows that have the construction assigned to it.

When I eventually get around to implementing frames in LBT, I will make the implementation a bit more robust in that you should be able to create your own frame objects directly within Grasshopper.

Awesome! Thanks Chris! Now I know the path to use. Had recently started getting into the data structure / …schema?(unsure of correct word). LOVING it!,construction_set.materials_unique: for me returns much joy. (insert duck at a keyboard emoji)

If that is the case: I’ll make a component to write window reports in Gh for legacy to accomplish what’s desired. Not super confident with doing a whole lot of organic ghpy with the new stuff yet.

Thanks again!

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Hi @TrevorFedyna, did you make that component? If so, could you share it with me since I have the same problem? Thanks!

oof I forgot about this a while ago in-terms of legacy LBT.
I’m almost done with the addition of WindowProperty:FrameAndDivider to the 1.xx Honeybee repo, paused to re-focus on getting DF models converted to eQuest *.inp files:
But I think hopefully will in the coming weeks have a PR sent for the addition of WindowProperty:FrameAndDivider

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