Are the pathnames for radiance and energyplus folders available after Honeybee_Honeybee instantiation?


I want to access the pathnames for the radiance (usually c:\radiance) and energyplus installation.The goal is to test the availability of certain binary files like rcontrib, rmtxop etc. through simple assertions.

Is it possible to access these details through scriptcontext.sticky or something similar ? I tried iterating through the sticky list but could not find anything.




The pathnames for Radiance, Daysim, and EnergyPlus are kept in a dictionary that can be accessed here:


Specifically, you want to request the following:

Radiance: sc.sticky[“honeybee_folders”][“RADPath”]

EnergyPlus: sc.sticky[“honeybee_folders”][“EPPath”]


Perfect ! Thank you.

(I was doing Ctrl+F through the sticky print and couldn’t find it before).