My createHBSrfs component is failing to run because of an “ArgumentTypeExcpetion : Object_2$2 is not callable”.

Geometry is apparently well computed, it seems to be an error about the RAD material I put in there.

Have U a idea of what am I doing wrong ?



I can’t tell without looking at this script, but maybe your RAD material name (or other name) is spelled in a way that creates problems. Try using a word without spaces or strange characters (e.g. $). Just a guess though…

I cannot show you because I am new in this forum. But I am using the component “radOpaqueMaterialByColor”. I have fed it with a _materialName (without any weird characters) and a _color (with a ColourSwatch). I have chosen a basic white.

Then I put RADMaterial into RADMaterial of the “createHBSrfs” component.

In the former component, I also put “Outdoors” for EPBC_ and a Sphere (defined by a base and a radius) in _geometry.
Maybe my geometry fails to be computed… Not sure about what “untrimmed surface” means…

The whole error message is :
“Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException) : Object_2$2 is not callable. Traceback : line 81, in main,”" line 280, in script.