Artificial lighting energy use with auto-control system

hello all,

I meet a lot of problems in the process of simulation of artificial lighting energy use with automatic control system. Who can give me some help or information I would be grateful.

Lu Xiangting


The short answer is to first set up an annual daylight simulation as per this video series:…

Next, connect the annualProflies output of the “Read Annual Result I” component to the lighting schedule of the HBZone before running through E+. Similar to what is done in this video with an infiltration schedule:…



Thanks a lot! I simulate a single room and it works well.

Now I want to simulate a commercial building with a central atrium and the adjacent spaces are open to atrium.My model is showed in the picture.

But when I set the " solve adjacent space" component,it has a error " 1. Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘cenPt’" .

In addition, I can not set a skylight without breakup which like the window of wall.

Can you give me some advice, thank you very much!


Hi Lu,

Firstly you need to breakdown the perimeter zone into 4 zones for each direction. Back to the error check this discussion:…



I followed your advice and breakdown the perimeter zone into 4 zones, but the border of zones became interior walls which could not allow the daylight and air acrossing. How can I deal with this?

Thank you!

The gh file has been attached.

base mode (135 KB) (553 KB)

Hi Lu,

Sorry for replying so late. The most recent version of Honeybee on the github has fully functioning air walls. Air walls allow you to break up open space into individual zones while still keeping an open floor plan. Specifically, air walls will use a very thin construction (essentially just an air film) and also mix the air in between adjacent zones in order to have a more consistent temperature. Also, by default, air walls are automatically removed from the daylight simulation. Attached you can find your GH file using air walls for adjacencies.

As for he skylight breakup dist, I have now included a separate input for this that is different than the breakup dist of the walls. You can get the new component in the attached file or by syncing with the github.

Lastly, your zones in the base model were not closed so I closed them for you.

-Chris (454 KB)

Thank you so much!!!