Assigning Mechanical equipments to zones


I am doing an energy simulation of an industrial building. The main point of energy consumption of this building is from the equipments and the HVAC systems.

I found 2 components in the HB-Energy tools that I could use to input these data as a part of my program type, equipment and process load component.

I do not exactly understand the difference between the two, when should I use either of these two components?

And secondly, and most importantly, how do I know the heat that is generated by these equipments? I went through the technical datasheet of some of the equipments but could not exactly find the heat produced by these equipment during operation. How should I approach this? I see that the above mentioned components accepts long wave radiant heat, latent heat and lost heat as inputs. What exact values should I plug into them? Is there a thumb rule?

Also, I have gotten myself into a confusion. If I consider my entire building to be a closed system, would the net electrical energy that is consumed by the building (in kWh) should be finally converted into heat energy (in kWh)? Then would I assume that the electrical energy is 100% converted into heat energy?

Maybe it is a silly question. Nevertheless, it would be great if you can give me your inputs here :slight_smile:

Hi @Ramana

For Equipment you can use booth process load or equipment.
The main difference is that with equipment you give the watts/m2 and with process load the watts/room.
For the energy use of HVAC equipment you have to go to tab 4. here you can find the node for adding some basic HVAC equipment systems. If you want to customise these you will have to use IronBug.


Hey @Erikbeeren

Thanks a lot for your inputs :slight_smile: