Azimuth/Alttude problem

Hi Mostapha,

I did a crossed verification between many solar simulation softwares and saw a shifting in the results produced by Ladybug in the calculation of altitude and Azimuth. The direct results fro Rhino (with the sun tool) are ok, but if I make the same calculation with Ladybug, it gives something incorrect.

Is there a way to understand where does it come from ?

Hi Laurent. What version of ladybug are you using? We just updated the sun position function a couple of months ago to reflect sun positions for the year 2014. The new function is much more accurate for the current year and the previous one was off by ~2 degrees sometimes. We have verified the new function against the NOAA database. I can post the github issue about to here later.

Thanks a lot. Yes I saw this 2 degrees shifting. I compared it to the NOAA database and some others too as I was surprised of it. I thought I had the last version downloaded from here. Can you tell me where I could find the latest updated version ??

Hi Laurent, I just updated the userObjects on Food4Rhino/Box. You can just go ahead and download them. The example files yet to be updated. Make sure to remover the current version before installing the new one. -Mostapha

Hi, Mostapha, great. thanks. I’ll test it right now.