-b option for dcglare

Hi @chris

The current version of dcglare is using a 2000 as the default value. In some cases we would like to modify this value. I saw there is a --threshold-factor exist in honeybee-radiance dcglare so I assume the functionality is already there? Could you please advice what is the best way to modify this number?
I’m using LBT grasshopper component to run the simulation but I guess it is not that easy to add one input in the component, so maybe just changing the number in recipe will be easier? Which file we need to change?

Appreciate your help.


Hi @Bing,

You are right that it is not straightforward to simply add a new input to the component if it is also missing in the recipe “behind the scenes”.

I added the input, _luminance_fac_, and you should be able get this change by updating with LB Versioner.

For future reference you can edit the recipes by editing the files in C:\Program Files\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes. In this case you would have to edit imageless_annual_glare.py as seen below. You would have to edit the default value in this line, or you could edit the honeybee-radiance CLI command in this line (e.g., --threshold-factor 3000, instead of --threshold-factor {threshold_factor}). But of course any changes you make will disappear when you reinstall/update.


Thank you @mikkel for your quick response and guidance. Appreciate it.