Basic question about running an energy simulation using natural ventilation and air conditioning system

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to run an energy simulation for a model in a hot climate where there is natural ventilation until a certain internal and external temperature, and when that temperature is exceeded i want the ventilation to be interrupted and an air conditioning system to be activated. I would also like to know how to set the temperature that the air conditioning system will keep the internal environment.

Sorry for the bad english, not my native language, and thank you all for the attention. (726 KB)

Hi Allyson, Have you seen this example.

Hello Mostapha , thank you for your attention to answer me. The part of the natural ventilation configuration i could understand, but i still don’t know how to set properly the configuration to run the simulation with this “hybrid” system that combine natural ventilation with the use of air conditioning in the periods that natural ventilation isn’t sufficient to maintain the comfort in the environment.