Best Sources for Residential per area building Loads?

Hi there, I am making a honeybee energy model for a residential building not in the US. I am creating my own custom loads and schedules to account for my observed cultural differences from the US.

What is a good, validated/approved source where I can get tables of loads per area/person I can input into honeybee?

edit: A recommended software would work as well.

I have been looking at ASHRAE Fundamentals 2017 Handbook but they offer such tables only for non residential building.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @jholguin71,

In honeybee, you can enter number of people / area in the Honeybee_Set Energyplus Zone loads component.

I hope what you’re referring to is the anthropogenic heat from human bodies. Following are some numbers that come from this paper.

75W for a sleeping man of 70kg
100W for a person at rest
200W for someone walking
300W for someone performing a strenuous activity.

Thank you!

I found this thread at unmet hours where there are many sources as well.

Can you also share what you found on that forum for future reference of others?

Sure. I got a couple good sources of data to use for non-residential buildings. However I couldnt find good data for residential purposes. Would this be because of all different lifestyles people have and more difficult to predict?

A very late reply:

This was the ebst source for me: