BF failing to generate 'SimpleFoam.err' file

  1. Hi, I am returning errors when I try to run any BF tutorial. It seems that the ‘SimpleFoam.err’ file is not generated inside the log folder. Any ideas? Below is my error and thank you:

Time = 6

smoothSolver: Solving for Uy, Initial residual = 0.5378333, Final residual = 7.5936467e+024, No Iterations 1000
smoothSolver: Solving for Uz, Initial residual = 0.52501375, Final residual = 3.1806038e+024, No Iterations 1000

  1. Failed to read C:\Users\brobe\butterfly\outdoor_airflow_2d\log\simpleFoam.err:
    [Errno 2] Could not find file ‘C:\Users\brobe\butterfly\outdoor_airflow_2d\log\simpleFoam.err’.: C:\Users\brobe\butterfly\outdoor_airflow_2d\log\simpleFoam.err
  2. done!

Also, I am running the latest version of BF from BlueCFD.

Any suggestions ? Thank you

Alright, I reinstalled butterfly and have gotten the ‘outdoor simulation’ tutorial working with no errors. Will keep testing. Just to survey…

The ‘Indoor Simulation 2D’ throws a ‘Windows Error’ on the Snappy Hex Mesh after writing it.
The ‘Indoor Simulation’ ends after 202 iterations and then throws the previously mentioned 'could not find SimpelFoam.err (It should allegedly go to 606 according to the tutorial).

So some examples are working while others do not. Is there any guidelines or advice a forum member can offer? Thank you

The message is misleading! It just says it can’t find the error file since there has been no errors. I should probably remove the message for the report. It has been confusing for several users.

Thanks for the reply @mostapha. It seems that there might be some truth in the SimpleFoam.err message as it does not allow the solution to converge. If this error is misleading, what else could be causing every example not to converge after throwing the above error?

Possibly is there a problem with my blueCFD? Here is an image of it.

Thank you.

I had issues with log and error files. My problem was that my standard user folder was on a seperate drive (D-drive). Is this also the case with you?

From what I can see it stops after 1000 iterations which is probably the number of maximum iterations. If you maximize the number then it will keep running.

@Laurens - I have my butterfly folder installed on my C drive at : C:\Users\ebroberg\butterfly