Bio-climatic chart theory and programming

Hi Mostapha, Chris, AbrahamYezioro and group members,

I have a question about the theory and programming of the bio-climatic chart. At first, this component is so great to make a contribution to the initial strategy-making for architects in the early stage of design. But I am always confused about the condition of application and the principle of the algorithm.
So my question is:

  1. What is the right condition of application, is it suitable for all kinds of buildings ranging from a small residential houseļ¼Œa big office and to a huge commercial complex?
  2. What is the principle of this algorithm because I am a bad python reader, and I cannot find the right core programme lines inside the bio-climatic chart component and have a difficulty in understanding the component deeply.
  3. Is it related to the essay attached below? As I saw, the component and the essay may share the same author.

Thank you in advance. And sorry if this makes trouble for your work.

1-s2.0-096014819688832X-main.pdf (434.5 KB)